A collaboration space and learning lab for curious kids and adults to ignite their creativity and imagination. Discover and explore new adventures in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) through hands-on, inquiry-based classes, workshops, camps, and other community engagement experiences.

Our Philosophy

Talent + Passion + Impact = Element

Imagination is a catalyst for every unique human discovery, but it can’t be taught. At Collaboratory, we create an environment where curiosity, imagination, and creativity flourish. We believe strongly in our responsibility to help provide accessible opportunities for ALL learners to be inspired and discover their element. In doing so, they can thrive in that perfect sweet spot where the things we love to do, the things we are good at, and the ways we can make a difference all come together.


Experiences We Share

Experiences at Collaboratory will connect fearlessly curious and creative people to peers and mentors while supported with the time, resources, and space to explore, tinker, or take a deep dive into ideas that they find meaningful.

Collaboratory offers variety of experiences including:
Daytime Early Childhood Workshops
Daytime Homeschool Workshops
After-School Workshops
Weekend Workshops for Kids and Families
Private Events and Birthday Parties
Summer and Holiday Camps
Daytime and Evening Adult Workshops