Summer Camps

We can hardly wait until summer kicks off and the second ever Collaboratory camps begin!  We are offering a smorgasbord of options this summer for all ages from 4 years-old through middle school, and we will be offering a mix of half-days, full-days, single-day camps, week-long camps, and plenty in between.  There is a wide variety of themes to choose from that will undoubtedly engage and challenge your child while we spark imagination, fuel creativity, and inspire adventures in wonder with other fiercely curious learners!

We know there are a lot of varied options to sift through, so bear with us – it’s extremely important to us that we offer options that fit into as many family calendars and interests as possible*.   (more on that point shortly…) The images below follow the chronological order of the camps.  Each image includes the name of the camp, the dates/times, and the suggested age ranges.  You can click on any image to learn more about and register for that camp.  (If you prefer a visual calendar layout, you can always view camps and all of the Collaboratory events in Calendar View here  or through the link on our site’s main menu.)

If you have any questions, big or small, about a specific camp, summer camps in general, or anything else related to the Collaboratory, reach out to us at or give us a call at 402.999.3339!  If you aren’t sure which camp is the best fit for your child(ren), we’d love to help them find their element by inviting you to set up a time to stop in to the Collaboratory either during an Open Tinker Lab or another time that works for you!

*…Back to the importance of reaching as many curious minds as possible – If your child or one that you know is a perfect fit for a camp or any other experience at the Collaboratory but isn’t financially able to make it happen, PLEASE contact us and we can brainstorm possible solutions so that they don’t miss out.  Collaboratory is all about problem-solving, and empowering a kid to wonder explore, and create is the most worthy problem we can think of to try to solve.

Thanks so much for exploring the possibilities and adventures that await in the Collaboratory summer camps!  We really hope you choose to experience it with us soon!

With gratitude,

Anna Eckhoff

Best of Summer Camp